Albums currently available from A-Scale
(Updated December 11th, 2019)

Albums available right now from A-Scale are these:
Eyeless In GazaInk Horn/One Star Cd, 2019
Eyeless In GazaWinter Sang Cd, 2018
Eyeless In GazaMythic Language/Egg Box Mask 500 copies only, 3-Cd set, 2015. The physical limited Cd-set includes a fourth bonus download-volume and also contains two books in pdf-format.
– Price: 20 + shipping: UK 2, Europe 4, USA/Japan/Australia 5.
Eyeless In GazaMania Sour Cd, 2014
Eyeless In GazaOrange Ice & Wax Crayons Cd re-release, 2012
Eyeless In GazaEveryone Feels Like a Stranger Cd, 2012
Eyeless In GazaSummer Salt & Subway Sun 1xCd, 2006 (same as released as part of the 2xCd, 3xCd box later)
Eyeless In GazaSong of the Beautiful Wanton CDR ONLY with booklet & original sleeve artwork, 2000

Martyn BatesTroum – Transformation Tapes: The 20th Anniversary Celebration (1997-2017) 2xCd comp. with one song from Martyn Bates, 2018 [One copy left]
– Price: 20 + shipping: UK 2, Europe 4, USA/Japan/Australia 5.
Martyn BatesI Said to Love Cd, 2017
Martyn BatesFireworks & Jewels / The Colour of Amber Cd, 2015
Martyn BatesArriving Fire Cd, 2014
Martyn BatesUnsung Cd, 2012
Martyn BatesA Map of the Stars in Summer Cd + lyric book, 2008
Martyn Bates & Max EastleyTransformation Songs CDR ONLY with some original artwork (signed), 2007
Martyn Bates as Migraine InducersAmericas Dissonance Lp, 2007 (early experimental) [Six copies left]
Martyn BatesYour Jewled Footsteps “best of” Cd, 2006 [Two copies left – 02/2019]
Martyn Bates & TroumTo a Child Dancing in the Wind Cd, 2006
Martyn BatesMystery Seas (Shayo Edition) Cd, 1995/2006
Twelve Thousand DaysInsect Silence, Cd, 2018 [4 copies left]
Martyn Bates could also on request create and sign CDRs of solo works unavailable elsewhere – all Cds would have some original artwork by Martyn Bates.

All albums are 10 except where noted + postage and packaging UK (1), rest of Europe (2) and outside Europe (3). Americas Dissonance Lp cost extra for shipping depending on where you live (ask us). Send an () with your e-mail to receive a Paypal address to send the money to!

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