Hungry i

Falling Orchard (Nursery (12) NYS (CD) 3, 1991, Ep 12”/Cd-Ep)
Falling Orchard/News of 13/Enter Shakin’/She Exploded Love

Her 1000 Days (NYS 5, 1991, Flexi 7” (also demo 7”))
Her 1000 Days

Second Step ((12) NYS (CD) 6, 1991, Ep 12”/Cd-Ep)
Sudden Supernature/Er/April Bring the Sky Down/Two Steps Forward/Um/Rosy Elegy

“The album that never was … ” (Unreleased, 1991, album)
Ember/Luxury Shot/Blues, Eleventh Hour/Sleepy You/Since Decembers Leaving/Swiftly Ask the Man You Were/Some Shadow/Shooting White Stars/Speak–Say/Hurt Chapter

Martyn Bates participates with voice and instruments on these works.